Get Your New Amex Platinum Benefits Today!

Today marks some new changes for the American Express Platinum card family. You may be asking why I’m talking about a credit card on a travel blog, but credit cards, when used properly and responsibly, can be a great way to earn points and miles that you can use towards your next venture. I’ll share more about my tips for maximizing credit cards in another post, but I thought it was worth sharing some new perks of the Amex Platinum card today.

Uber for Everyone!

Ta Da! $15 of Amex credits magically appeared today.

Amex announced a few weeks ago that starting March 30th, users would be able to get $15 of Uber Credit each month ($20 in December!). This is a big deal for me, as I am constantly using the service as I live downtown and don’t have a car. Uber is also a great way to get around when you visit other countries and want a safe a reliable way to get around. One of my buddies at work just got back from a trip to Colombia last week and used Uber extensively while there to zip around the city.

To get the credit, you simply need to add your Amex Platinum card to the Uber app. Once complete, you will see the credit appear. Its worth noting you don’t need to use the card to pay for rides; as long its saved as a payment method you are good to go!

Further, you can even use the credit for UberEats, a food delivery service available in select cities. I’m planning to try this tomorrow as its the last day of March and the credit resets every month!

The Amex-Uber partnership also grants VIP status to members, which will give you a better vehicle and driver in select markets. It can take more time to get an UberVIP, so your benefit from this may vary.

Metal Upgrade

Amex Platinum cardholders can also now request a new version of the card that is made of metal. This is really a superficial perk and not a benefit, but it brings the card in line with other premium products like the Chase Sapphire Reserve and Preferred cards.

Ouch! Annual Fee Increase

The one downside to these new benefits is that the annual fee is going up by $100 to a whopping $550. That’s unfortunate as one could argue the Chase Sapphire Reserve, with its $450 annual fee, has better benefits for a lower cost. Reserve members are able to bring guests into lounges for free with PriorityPass, whereas Platinum cardholders have to pay a $27 fee. The Reserve also comes with a $300 airline travel credit which can be used for everything (including actual flights), compared to the $200 airlines fee credit on the Platinum that is limited to ‘incidental’ purchase like baggage and seat selection fees.

Time will tell how Amex stacks up to Chase, but these new perks may help keep them in the running a little while longer. You can find more info on Amex’s website about the new perks!