My Helicopter Ride Over the Oscars (and Paying Half Price)

I was lucky enough to be in Southern California in February to celebrate my mom’s birthday. It just so happened the weekend coincided with The Oscars, which is sort of a big deal in Los Angeles 😜.

Over the weekend, I had been surfing Instagram and saw an ad from FlyNYON. FlyNYON is a helicopter tour company based in New York that do really fun ‘doors off’ helicopter tours. I was able to experience a tour (albeit a cold one) in NYC last year and had a great time, so the ad piqued my interest.

The Deal

FlyNYON had partnered up with another company called Blade which offer an app to ride charted helicopters (think Uber for helicopters). Blade was launching in LA that weekend and to celebrate were offering tours with FlyNYON over the Oscars! The flight cost $295 for a 30 minute flight, but what sealed the deal was that Blade offered $100 coupons to first time users. In addition, they have a $100 referral bonus when a friend takes their first flight.

I was able to book my seat for $195 and invite my mom who also was able to get the seat at the $195 price, earning me an additional $100 referral credit for future use! All told, that makes a $600 expense come down to an effective cost of  $300 (2 x $100 credits plus a $100 referral bonus for me). That’s 50% off!

The Ride

The experience was incredible. During the ride, you are strapped in to the helicopter with a full harness so that when given the command, you can slip down out of your seat and onto the skids of the chopper. This provided for some phenomenal photo opportunities over the red carpet, Dolby Theater, and Hollywood sign.

We also lucked out as low clouds started to break up right around our sunset flight, which created some stunning lighting and photos. Flying around with the wind in your hair makes you feel like a secret agent on some kind of mission, looking down at all the traffic and people below! It was a truly amazing time and something I’m itching to do again soon! Check out some pics below:


Time for a shameless plug: if you end up in NYC or LA soon and have cash to burn, sign up for a Blade account using the code ElliottB509 to get $100 off your first ride (you’ll earn me $100 too!). Blade offer rides to JFK airport from Manhattan for as low as $195 ($95 with the credit!) and it takes just five minutes!

Please note: neither FlyNYON nor Blade paid me to write this post – I just had a great experience I wanted to share!. All opinions are my own.