How I’m Visiting Singapore for $331!

Southeast Asia has always interested me. Unfortunately, my exposure to the region has generally been limited to TV shows such as The Amazing Race and (I’m somewhat embarrassed to say) The Bachelorette. Travelling to the region can be challenging, with flights generally hovering around $1,200 to $1,400 for a round trip between Minneapolis and Singapore.

So about two months ago, my eyes lit up when I saw the following seemingly ‘too good to be true’ deal come across my inbox from Thrifty Traveler:

$313? It can’t be?? I paid more than that for my last trip to California from the Midwest! I decided to follow Thrifty’s advice to ‘book now, ask questions later.’ I hurried over to a third party booking site (this deal couldn’t be found directly on the airline’s website), and booked a ten day trip for February of 2018 for a crazy $331. Yes, I know that’s a whopping $18 higher than the deal’s price, but I was happy to pay!

I also knew, however, not to get my hopes up.

Mistake fares are nothing new, and can happen for a variety of reasons. Scott’s Cheap Flights gives a nice summary of the phenomenon. I was aware there was a chance that my ticket would be cancelled, but that this doesn’t happen all that often (especially on non-premium cabin fares). Luckily, the ticket confirmed within 24 hours of purchasing it and stayed ticketed in the days following the booking, which makes me feel confident I’m good to go!

So there you have it – I”ll be flying to Singapore for a 10 day adventure! I’m planning to also do some short trips up to Thailand and possibly Vietnam. This is easy and affordable using low cost carriers. My existing itinerary takes me over 19,000 miles round-trip, and includes a quick stop at the Tokyo Narita airport!

Have you been to Southeast Asia before? Let me know your tips in the comments below!

Image of Singapore Skyline by Leonid Yaitskiy on Flickr, used under a CC-BY-SA license.