Escape Lounge MSP – A Reason to Keep my Amex Platinum?

When flying out of Minneapolis, one has limited lounge options. Of course MSP airport is a nice airport in and of itself, so this isn’t that big of a deal. That being said, your main options in terminal 1 (aka the Delta, United, AA terminal etc) are the Delta Sky Club (if flying Delta) or the Escape Lounge.

A well stocked food selection on this visit to the Escape Lounge

Prior to a couple of weeks ago the Escape Lounge was accessible to Priorty Pass members free of charge. This all changed when Amex announced the lounge is now part of their ‘Global Lounge Collection’, essentially barring access to Priorty Pass Members through non-Amex cards (such as the wildly popular Chase Sapphire Reserve). I came out lucky, having an Amex Platinum card that means I can still access the lounge. On a recent trip out of MSP I thought I’d check things out post-exit from Priorty Pass.

Boy was I impressed. Not only has the lounge gottenĀ really quiet, it seems the food has stepped up a notch as well. Granted I was in the lounge on a Sunday during the noon hour, but I kid you not there were literally five of us in the lounge that could probably seat 100.

Tasty food in the Escape Lounge
Some tasty rice and meat in the lounge this time!

I’ve always enjoyed the food in the Escape Lounge, previously seeing a selection of cheese, crackers and sandwiches during afternoons and evenings. On this particular Sunday, however, they also had a full taco bar, complete with rice, two kinds of meat, taco shells and a variety of toppings. The food was tasty and filling.

A glass of prosecco
You can’t go wrong with a glass of bubbly before departure!

Beyond that, the service is always good. With so few people in the lounge, the bartender was working double duty at the front desk but was attentive and swift when I requested a drink.

All in all, I’m a huge fan of the Escape Lounge in MSP, more than I already was before. Its a great escape from the busy terminal, and with the reduction in access due to Priority Pass’s exit its almost bound to be quiet. It might even be enough to keep me as an Amex Platinum member for another year, as I fly out of Terminal 1 quite a bit! If you don’t get access through a credit card, the lounge also sell access for $40 if you pre-purchase. It might just be worth it on a long layover or if you arrive early!

Have you visited the Escape Lounge at MSP recently? Leave a comment below!