Flying ‘Private’ for $227.50 – my JetSuiteX Flight Experience

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation from JetSuiteX for this review. All thoughts are my own!

I was recently in Las Vegas for a work trip, and decided it would be a good excuse to head back to California for the weekend after to visit my family. In typical TravelWithElbie fashion, I had this brainwave the week before I departed, so there were limited flight options available. I was able to change my Delta MSP-LAS ticket to an open jaw MSP-LAS and LAX-MSP flight for relatively low cost, but that still left the matter of getting from Vegas to LA.

My options were exorbitantly expensive flights on the mainline carriers, or Spirit. And while Spirit’s $39 one way fare looked tempting, it quickly jumped up to near $100 after I factored in the cost of a carry on and seat assignment. But then I had a brainwave…

The boarding pass is where the similarities with commercial flights end!

Enter JetSuiteX. The company is part of JetSuite, who are well known for organizing private jet charter flights. I remembered having read that they were starting scheduled charter service on the west coast, and to my delight they offered flights from Las Vegas direct to Burbank in LA. Not only was this way more convenient than flying into LAX on a Friday night (Burbank is a lot smaller), the fare was just $227 one way, which was significantly less than what United or American wanted, and a steal considering I booked a little under a week out. Further, my ticket was fully changeable and refundable as it was a ‘X Plus’ fare.


Checking In

JetSuiteX’s Private Terminal at LAS

JetSuiteX operate out of the Atlantic Aviation FBO at LAS, which is where all the private jets land. Before heading there, you are directed to check in at their small office/lounge on the west side of the airport. I took a quick Uber ride which took less than five minutes from the MGM Grand where I was staying.

Upon arrival, my roller bag was tagged and boarding pass issued. No TSA, no fuss! I then sat in the small lounge-like area until boarding was announced. Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks were also available.


Boarding off the tarmac at LAS

About 15 minutes before departure, we were loaded onto a limo bus and driven the short distance to Atlantic Aviation. From there, the bus drove right through the gate and out on to the tarmac, where our plane, an Embraer 135, was waiting. I would normally be pretty unexcited about flying on an ERJ135, but this one was special as it had been customized. No overhead bins and just 30 leather seats made the cabin feel spacious and premium. By comparison, United’s ERJ135s have 37 seats, making things feel pretty cramped. This aircraft has a 1-2 seat configuration, and I was in one of the single seats on the left side, which is the best of both worlds as you get an aisle and a window!

Shortly after boarding, the friendly flight attendant came by and took my drink order, which she would bring back during flight.

In Flight

Atlantic is a very quick taxi from the runway!

A quick 10 minutes later, we were on our way. The best part of parking at Atlantic Aviation is that the jets are a short taxi from the runway, so we were rolling and in the air very quickly. Another 10 or 15 minutes later, drinks were served along with a snack selection similar to what you would find in Delta Comfort Plus.

The seat was comfortable, and Wifi was also available, although I couldn’t get it to work. This wasn’t a big deal, as the flight was only in the air for about 35 or 40 minutes before we were descending into Burbank. As soon as it started, the trip was over, and we were taxiing into JetSuiteX’s private hanger, where I waited for our bags to be unloaded and was on my way.

Final Thoughts

Very reasonable fares if you book ahead!

For the price, you can’t beat the convenience of JetSuiteX. Avoiding the lines at TSA, crowded terminals and endless delays is so worth it! JetSuiteX also fly to Mammoth (Ski Country), and the Bay Area from Burbank.  A quick scan of prices from LAS-BUR in the next few months show one way flights at just $129, which is not much more than the cheapest of mainline carriers. I’d highly recommend you give JetSuiteX a go! If you want to try them, you can use my referral link to get $20 off your first flight!