It Runs in the Family – How Mom & Dad Scored First Class Tickets to Hong Kong!

Yesterday I posted about the amazing Hong Kong Airlines deal Monica and I scored for spring of next year. When I told my parents, they were intrigued, and wanted in.

My dad had mentioned last week that he say a deal on OMAAT last week for cheap Lufthansa and Swiss first class fares out of London to a variety of Far East cities, but the catch was you had to book two seats to score the deal. It was a pretty amazing deal – prices were around $2,500 per person which may seem steep but is an incredible value for this route.

When I booked our cheap Hong Kong Airlines flights, he reminded me of the deal, which was still alive almost a week after it was posted.

While there was availability on the dates we needed, it wasn’t particularly easy to book. Google flights was no longer showing availability, and online travel agent sites like Expedia and Priceline would often produce the deal only to then jump the price up or error out when you went to book.

We saw a lot of this screen when trying to book!

Kayak was able to show some seats, but only if you looked on a mobile device! We were looking for an option that included 24 hour cancellation, as it wasn’t yet clear that my flight would be honored by Hong Kong Airlines.

Luckily, the stars aligned and they were able to snag two seats going directly to Expedia and punching in some modified dates. I held my breath to ensure it would ticket (flights booked with Expedia aren’t always guaranteed until they’re ticketed by the airline), but sure enough a few minutes later we had ticket numbers an a record locator for Lufthansa!

They will be flying from London to Munich in business class where they’ll have about three hours in the amazing Lufthansa First Class Lounge. From there, its off to Hong Kong on the A380 in first! They will then be flying home again via Munich to London. Total cost for two passengers: $5,092.60. It sounds steep, but a quick search of those flights today pulled up a cost of over $14,000!!

I know I’m jealous!

What makes this deal even sweeter are the options of where to credit the miles. Here’s a few choices:

United MileagePlus

United offers a somewhat generous 200% premier mileage bonus on first class fares, and 300% on full fare business. As my parents’ flights booked into these buckets, they would each earn 25,978 premier qualifying miles, enough to earn Premier Silver Status. Because my parents will be living in England, there is no spend requirement to earn status. They’d also earn 24,804 award miles (you earn 200% for both business and first class tickets).

Aegean Miles + Bonus

Aegean’s program is the winner for total miles earned, netting 37,684 elite miles per person. You need 48,000 miles in a 12 month period if you don’t fly Aegean to get gold status, which which would give them lounge access and other benefits when flying on Star Alliance carriers.

Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles

Turkish Airlines have a similar earnings rate to United, but a lower number of miles needed for status. Mom and Dad would each earn 24,856 elite and award miles each for the trip to Hong Kong. Not a bad deal!


That’s a lot of numbers, but above all I’m so excited to check out Hong Kong with the family! Stay tuned for updates!


Featured image courtesy of Flickr user Daxis.