flight attendant serving bellinii

Bellinis in Economy? Yes Please!

The ‘pre-departure beverage’ is often associated with sitting up front on planes. Settle into your comfy seat at the pointy end and the flight attendant asks ‘what would you like to drink before we depart’… That’s at least how the story used to go, but Delta is shaking things up with some major improvements to the service experience in their Main Cabin (economy) product.

Starting in November, you’ll be able to enjoy a pre-departure cocktail before departure, even if you’re seated all the way back in row 57 on a 777. In addition, Delta is upgrading their service in-flight, offering a hot towel to every customer as well as a ‘bistro style’ dining service that will feature printed menus, larger entrees, and a choice of appetizers.

Delta has been testing the service on their Portland to Tokyo flights over the last year, and has received positive customer satisfaction scores as a result. According to Delta, the goal is to create ‘magical moments’ that drive an improved experience for customers.

My Take

I’m excited to see Delta taking steps to improve their in-flight service. I think Delta has really tried to differentiate themselves on the basis of experience from other U.S. airlines, and its a refreshing approach compared to the ‘race to the bottom’ price cutting policies we have seen elsewhere in recent years.

However, money drives the ship and there is of course the risk that these service improvements will prove too costly to implement. I also wonder about the practicality of serving a cocktail to all passengers in a 250+ seat cabin before takeoff, although it sounds like its been successful in testing on the PDX-NRT route.

Time will tell, but its going to be exciting to try the new product out this fall! What do you think about the improvements? Let me know in the comments!

h/t: Wandering Aramean