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Hilton Points Savings in Vegas – How We Did It

Yesterday, I posted how we saved $1,800 in Las Vegas using points and miles. Thanks to a promotion that’s occurring right now, we also got back a good portion of the Hilton points that were used to stay at the Waldorf Astoria…

Hilton typically offers some kind of points promotion every few months, and the offer ranges in value and mechanism. This year, they have ran the following offers:

  • Q1: Earn 2,000 bonus points per stay, and 10,000 points every five stays or 10 nights.
  • Summer: Earn 2x points per stay, starting on the second stay + earn 10, 15, and 20K points after your 10th, 15th, and 20th stay.

A few weeks ago, Hilton announced their Q4 promotion, which is by far the most lucrative of the offers ran this year:

Hilton Q4 2019 promo - earn double points between Sept 9-Jan 5, or triple points if you have a Hilton Amex Card.

This is a sweet promotion, as it let me earn 30 base points per dollar spent (you usually earn 10 points) as I have the Hilton Aspire credit card. In addition to that I receive an extra 10 points per dollar for having diamond status (a benefit of the card) for a total of 40 points per dollar spent. I also receive 1,000 points as a ‘My Way’ benefit (basically just free points). These points post a few days after checking out directly from Hilton.

In addition to those 40 points per dollar, the Hilton Aspire Amex card gives 14 points per dollar on eligible spend at Hilton, which appear after the credit card statement closes. Together, that’s 54 points per dollar!

You may recall, however, that our stay was paid using a free night certificate and 80,000 points. Regardless of that, we still ran a solid final bill buying drinks, breakfast and spa treatments:

What’s great, however, is that the 40 points per dollar awarded by Hilton are applied to charges, not the total balance. So even though I received credits of $100 on the stay, I earned points based on spend of ~$591 (I believe this is because some taxes aren’t eligible?). That netted me the following:

  • 5,910 base points
  • 11,820 bonus points from the Q4 promotion
  • 5,910 bonus points for being diamond
  • 1,000 points which is a diamond ‘My Way’ bonus

In addition to the 24,640 points from Hilton, the Amex Hilton Aspire card will provide 14 points per dollar on the amount that was charged to the card ($494.84). Even though I am receiving a $250 resort credit and $70 Amex Offer credit, Amex award points on eligible spend, not on the net amount. That should mean I receive an additional 6,928 points for a grand total of 31,568 points!

Considering we only spent 80,000 points (plus the free night certificate) for this trip, that represents an awesome rebate on the hotel. You can still sign up for the Q4 promotion on Hilton’s website – be sure to do it before your next stay!

What questions do you have about Hilton points? Leave me a comment below!