Trying Out Delta’s ‘Reinvented’ International Main Cabin experience

Back in July, Delta announced some enhancements to their Main Cabin (aka Economy) service on international flights. Monica and I just flew the new service from MSP to London a couple of days ago and enjoyed the experience! Here are a few thoughts:

Bellinis Were Good!

One of the most notable additions to the Main Cabin experience is a ‘welcome beverage’ which is currently a peach bellini. We both enjoyed the drink, which was served about 15 minutes after takeoff from a tray.

Bellini Photo

The drink provided a nice refreshment between takeoff and the meal service. It would be nice if they served some nuts or another quick snacks with it though.

Menus Were Cool, but a Waste of Paper

I appreciate that the service now includes a menu that allows customers to mix and match appetizers and entrees, as well as give a snapshot of what to expect on the flight.

That being said, it seems excessive to use what must have been a 17″ x 8″ piece of glossy cardstock to convey this information. I feel like they could compress the information into half that space, and save on paper in the process!

Service Seemed Fast Enough

One of the major complaints of the new service has been that it takes much much longer to complete than the previous setup. We didnt find that to be the case.

MSP-LHR is a short flight, coming in at roughly 7.5 hours. I’ve always found there to be limited time for sleeping on the flight, and it didn’t seem to be worse with the new service than the old. The majority of service is done from trays or carts, so other than perhaps one or two extra passes through the cabin (to distribute menus and welcome drinks for example) I found the pace to be fine.

I could see a six hour flight from the east coast to be limiting for the service, but I’m of the opinion you get what you sign up for when it comes to flight times!


All in all I thought these positives changes have been well executed, and they were much appreciated on our flight! Delta is differentiating itself from other US airlines and I think it will pay off in customer satisfaction. I look forward to see what is to come!